Winter Blues? Fun Ideas to combat the cold


Winter Blues? Fun ideas to combat the cold
By Sarah Lawrence
Aztec Gold Online

El Paso, being a desert, is always boiling. So when winter rolls around each year, most people are very pleased for a change! The frigid cold outside is no reason to be down. With the weather shift, many fun activities open up in the city during the fall and winter months.

A popular activity among El Paso residents is going ice-skating either at the EP Rhino rink, The Fountains at Farah or any rink that opens up at a mall or outlet. It’s a fun experience to enjoy in these seasonal months.

Another attraction that gathers many couples and family members together each year is the Christmas light show put on by Fred Loya at his residence. Bring your loved one(s) and hot chocolate and enjoy the beautiful show.

While staying in, cuddling up to a hot beverage and movie night seems appealing. Another option is going up to scenic drive and overlooking this beautiful city with your friends and family.