French Club explores impressionism at EPMA


French Club explores impressionism at EPMA
By Cesar Gutierrez

The El Dorado French Club visited the El Paso Art Museum Jan. 30. The reason for the visit was to explore the current exhibits, “Renoir to Remington: Impressionism to the American West” and “Cezanne and Pablo Picasso: Birth of Cubism,” displayed at the local museum. They participated in a tour led by Patrick Cable, curator of the museum. Among more than 7,000 pieces of art throughout the museum, the El Dorado students were able to admire the majestic “Two Girls Reading” by the legendary French painter, Pierre-Auguste Renoir.

Students had the opportunity to examine the evolution of Impressionism through various paintings from the late eighteenth century to the early twentieth century, featuring works of art based on local stages.

“Our visit to the museum improved my understanding of art as I did not understand the meaning of Impressionist Art and it’s effect on the European Society of this time period; I really learned how to appreciate art and beauty,” said Melissa Flores, member of the El Dorado French Club.

Later in the day, the members of the French club were able to enjoy an adventurous lunch at the local country French café La Madeleine. Students had the chance to pick from a variety of traditional French cuisine from homemade soups to patisserie, or delicious sweets from the bakery.

“It was amazing to take some of the students to the art museum for the first time, I am deeply thankful for having a tour in French by Dr. Cable who captivated the students with his deep art perspective and was captivated by the students’ interest and motivation to learn,” said Myriam Remond, French teacher and club sponsor for the group.