The ABC’s of Vegetarianism


The ABC’s of Vegetarianism

By Andrea Silva

Becoming a vegetarian takes tons of commitment and heartbreakingly means you must lay off most fast food places. Many people have considered a vegetarian diet however have struggled to stay consistent.

For myself and many others, being a vegetarian is the easiest lifestyle to live. Here are some few tips and tricks you can use while getting used to a plant-based diet.

Take a deep dive the internet rabbit hole

Starting a vegetarian diet consists of hours researching new recipes and what grocery stores near you have the best veggies. Looking for healthy meals and protein replacements can help inspire you to try them for yourself.

Most importantly, you don’t want to become a junk food vegetarian, so just because Hot Cheetos aren’t meat doesn’t mean they should be the principle of your diet. Don’t replace meat with empty carbs, make sure you give your meals the nutrition you need.

Eating with meat eaters

When eating out with people who eat meat follow some easy guidelines. First, try talking to your family about being reasonable with your diet and try educating them on vegetarian options they might also like. There’s no need to stress on finding a mutual restaurant because almost every restaurant has a vegetarian section.

Although it is harder to find food at fast food restaurants it may be a good thing to lay off eating out. (I recommend the salads at Chick-Fil-A without chicken or a grilled cheese sandwich at any other place.) Watching your friends eat meat in front of you and not participate in the delicious meal takes a lot of willpower, but you can do it. And don’t forget to peel the pepperonis off the pizza they order!

It’s all for the greater good

 Keeping a consistent and healthy plant-based diet comes with lots of health benefits. For one, you will be meeting all the nutritional requirements in your meals plus they will packed with high amounts of antioxidants.

A plant-based diet can also contribute to a healthy weight loss. As you eat more veggies and fruits you’ll notice that they fill you up without having to worry about going over your calorie intake. There are many other health benefits, however, look out for vitamins you could be lacking from meat and replace them with vitamin supplements, so you don’t feel fatigue or weakness.

You can do it!

Last but not least, don’t give up if this is really a lifestyle you choose to pursue. You will get many people telling you to just eat meat because becoming a vegetarian is too hard. Of course, change is hard, but keep at it. After a few days, weeks, or even months you’ll get used to your new lifestyle and possibly feel better about yourself.

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