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Mission Statement-
Aztecgold.net is El Dorado High School’s online newspaper. This site is student driven and a collaboration between Web Technologies, AV Arts (Video Production), and Journalism.  Our mission is to be a correct and current representation of EDHS’s student body. It is our goal to be impartial, entertaining, and all inclusive.



Web Technologies for aztecgold

Webmaster: Jason Snell

Webmaster: John Paul Gibson

Webmaster: Brandon Shaffstall

Webmaster: Fabian Argumedo

Webmaster: Caleb Hernandez

Social Media Designer: Omar Madrid








Journalism for aztecgold

Editor-in -Chief: Nayeli Andrade

Sports Editor: Mayeli Torres

Photography Editor: Romario Gonzalez & Lia Rodriguez

Twitter sports updates: Mayeli Torres








About Us