Ruffing it: Helping Pets in Need

Adopt a friend from Humane Society


For most teenagers, the need for a furry companion is a must. A place where a cuddly friend can be found is at the local Humane Society located at 4991 Fred Wilson Ave and is open daily from 11 a.m. -6 p.m. There, you can find endless dogs and cats to adopt.

The Humane Society is proud to say that each pet is micro-chipped, has age appropriate vaccines, and is spay/neutered. From there, the adoption process is simple. It all begins with being over the age of 18 and having a valid I.D. or driver’s license.

According to, a contract and application must be filled out as well. After, a fee is set depending on what and how old the pet you are adopting. Every Friday, cats and kittens are sold for only $50 while dogs and puppies are at the usual price.

On days other than Friday, kittens and dogs are $100 where as puppies are $120 and cats, $75. Although the prices can be cheap or expensive depending on a person’s budget, the opportunity to see the pets can be through visits and volunteering.

In order to volunteer, Humane Society sources state that the age limit can vary from eight years old to over the age of 18. For minor volunteers, a parent and/or guardians consent is required and if under the age of 16, they must supervise throughout all hours of volunteering. This can be completed after online application, during the mandatory orientation session where goals, policies, and procedures are discussed.

When accepted, all volunteers start off with wearing white shirts. Wearing this specific colored shirt shows that they may only perform certain tasks as they familiarize themselves with the shelter. After 12 hours of service, the rank goes up to a blue or red shirt.

The blue shirt stands for Animal Handlers who are trained to facilitate play groups, attend doggy field trips, and specialize in training. Red shirts stand for Adoption Counselors, who help unite animals with the perfect family. Whether you’re volunteering or adopting, you are helping a four-legged friend in need.


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