Ignite The Empire starts of the year, celebrates diversity

Ignite the Empire took place on Thursday, Aug. 29 in the big gym. The senior class ran through the Aztec inflatable with excited screams just after the choir harmonized the Pledge of Allegiance. Lights were shut off, and neon colors started to illuminate as the school settled on the bleachers and awaited the rally. Administration, MC’s, student council, and all performers gathered on the court to start the enthusiastic school spirit event.  

“It was an interesting way to start off the school year,” senior folklorico dancer Cassandra LAST NAME said. “The most exciting part was when we got to dance and celebrate the school.”

A variety of El Dorado songs and chants led the night as each grade level brought out their loudest roars in honor of school spirit. Sports teams were announced and the performing arts served as entertainment for the new school year celebration. The competition started when each class battled on rolling scooters and captured balloons. The junior class was victorious and left a great impression for their next graduating school year. 

“It was a night for all the grades to come together and show our school spirit,” said junior Adrianna Meneses. “Us juniors just wanted to make it a fun and memorable time before our senior year.” 

Still, the senior class ruled the night with their Aztec temple hand gesture and shouts of “2020!” and “We can’t hear you!” The varsity football team was hyped up by their class and orchestrated back flips and team chants in honor of the excitement for their first game of the season. The spirit stick rolled around the gym and resulted with the dominant senior class, ending the pep rally with successful inspiration. 

“Our dedication towards Ignite the Empire was indescribable,” senior Student Council Member Daniella Gracia said. “We wanted to make sure that the year of 2019-2020 had a memorable night.”