Soccer lovers prepare for tryouts

Students aspiring to be apart of the championships girls soccer program have been working every day to prepare for tryouts. Tryouts for the JV team started earlier this month and their first game is Jan. 15. 

“Being physically in shape is important because soccer is a sport that keeps you moving, but it’s also mental when making the right decision at the right time,” sophomore Nicole Andrade said.

However, in order to determine who is going to make the team, there has to be certain standards they have to meet. The girls try to practice whenever they can during lunch, after school and on the weekends.   

“I like to take the ball whenever I can and practice my touches or even run,”  sophomore Arizbeth Hernadez said. “ I don’t really like to just sit down and do nothing. I am more of an outsider person so I like to practice whenever I can.”

According to junior Nahomy Ayala, many of the girls trying out have a good chance of making the team. 

“I think we are all equally good at soccer,”  Ayala said. “There’s no one good or bad. Everyone is just as perfect as everyone else.”