Five Tips for Surviving IB From Someone Who Knows

IB seniors, class of 2020, shares the dos and don’ts of acing the rigorous program


Photo by Katlyn Rodriguez

IB students study for final exams.

By Katlyn Rodriguez, Staffer

The IB Programme curriculum can often have its students running around trying to meet their deadlines. Whether it is an important presentation, an extensive research paper, a question about yesterday’s lesson, or just a homework assignment due the next day — the work never stops being assigned. Whatever it may be, the programme’s students still manage to get it done. How is that possible, you may ask? These five tips from IB students might help you understand. 


Tip 1. Don’t Procrastinate. 

This first tip comes from senior Allie Perez, who stresses the importance of getting things done ahead of time.  “Don’t procrastinate your work because it will just keep piling up,” Perez said. “You’ll just have more work to do and the stress is not worth it.” 

Tip 2. Ask For Help.

When a question you have about the notes just doesn’t stop circling around your mind, senior Jimena Martinez suggests you ask for help even if you think you’re the only one who’s not understanding. “I know there are people who are afraid to speak up when they are not understanding something,” Martinez said. “But your teachers and friends are there to help you be successful in the IB Programme. Just ask.”  

Tip 3. Study, Study, Study.

This next tip comes from me personally. We all have had those tests that are really important for us to pass, but the only way we can is to study. I suggest making a list of things you struggled with in class and when you get home, go over them for at least 30 minutes so you can familiarize yourself with the content.

Tip 4. Meet New People.

Speaking of asking a friend for help, senior Angel Martinez encourages students in the programme to make friends. “I don’t think you should be scared to make some friendships in the programme,” Martinez said. “At the end of the day, you will be with these people for four years, might as well make some friendly ties with one another.” 

Tip 5. Enjoy Every Moment.

Before you know it, your high school years will come to an end, so make sure you have fun and live a little because after high school, life changes and so will you.  


Photo by Katlyn Rodriguez