Affirmations that helped Genesis Ramirez, 12, to cleanse her mind and life in isolation. (Photo by Genesis Ramirez)
Affirmations that helped Genesis Ramirez, 12, to cleanse her mind and life in isolation.

Photo by Genesis Ramirez

What I Learned in Isolation

I cleansed my mind, so it cleansed my life

Sep 11, 2020

When quarantine started, I had just gone through a break up. My mother was fighting cancer. But most significantly, my mental health weighed heavily on me. Very often when I go through hurtful change, I distract myself. I try to keep myself busy and I end up repressing my emotions. Never speak.

As soon as school was over, my mom was living in her previous home, so I was truly in isolation for about five months. Thankfully, being in isolation has taught me about self-love and vulnerability. Realistically, I didn’t wake up one day and had an epiphany. It was a process. It took time. 

Mental health is a very serious subject. Now, I look back and realize that it was the highlight of self-quarantine. Mental health comes with factors, causes and effects. For me, it was trauma, emotional wounds and repressed pain. As soon as I became aware that I needed to heal and reflect, I got to work. This time, on myself.

I began with a schedule. I woke up early and prepared a minor breakfast, went to my local park, walked and watched the sun rise. After eating my breakfast on the bright, green grass, I brought out my journal. To write my feelings, affirmations, and plans.

From there on, my entire day consisted of eating healthy and complimenting myself. But the most important task I had to do was revisit old wounds or memories and feel them, accept them and let them go.

I had to nitpick every knot like a tangled yarn of wounds. Consistency was key. Surely enough, every day got better. Soon, I’d know the effect of rejecting myself and putting my needs until later. Just simply, lacking self-love.

Now, I look back and I value my worth. I love myself.

Yesterday I got the news that my mom is cancer free. In all actuality, the Universe had a plan for me. It has a plan for all of us. The impact of quarantine in my life was a renewal. My subconscious mind was full of old beliefs, patterns and negative self-talk. I cleansed my mind, so it cleansed my life. 

An excerpt from “Chameleon Aura” by Billy Chapata. His writing inspired senior copy editor Genesis Ramirez in her own self-love journey and “influenced her belief system,” according to Ramirez.


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Photo of Genesis Ramirez
Genesis Ramirez, 2021 Copy Editor
Genesis Ramirez is a senior and has been on staff for two years. Ramirez has covered theater, welding and homecoming events. She is now a copy editor for The Legend 2021, helping the staff to develop amazingly written stories. Along with being a yearbook student, Ramirez is in dual credit, a member of ACADEC and the Tax Club. Her hobbies are painting, designing clothing and writing poetry. Her interests are in support of her plan to study business at The University of Texas at El Paso to start her own clothing brand. Ramirez won second place in the 2019 ACADEC competition and first place in EPCC art competition. The reporter life has helped her develop a love for memories and diverse perspectives. She hopes to contribute to another award-winning yearbook and “write” history.