Photo by Genesis Ramirez

Students from feeder elementary and middle schools used recycled materials to create fashionable outfits.

Walking the Greenway

It’s Your World and Theater club host fashion show promoting The Green Hope Project

Sep 14, 2020

On Nov.14, the theater team hosted a children’s fashion show promoting The Green Hope Project. Elementary students from Paso Del Norte and middle schoolers from Hurshel Antwine handmade their own creative designs with recyclable waste. The evening embraced the new advocacy with entertained parents, comedic hosts and most importantly, students recycling to save the environment.

The “trashing show” featured children in costumes with newspaper, plastic, cardboard and many other forms of waste that we commonly throw into the trash. Ishaan Suktankar, contestant number eight from Hurshel Antwine made his blue dress and hat with plastic bags, cardboard and pipe cleaners.

“This is so fun and I am so ready for this,” Suktanar said before the show. “We have to look unique and creative.”

 Theater’s new eco-friendly concept did not only influence middle schooled children, but helped support The Green Hope Project. When the president Candace Printz agreed to publicize her program during the fashion show, Printz knew the idea would go to the non-profit organization.

“We thought that it fit perfectly into what we’re doing for the Green Hope Project, which is recycled art,” Printz said.

The MC/Host of the fashion show was sophomore Kyndall Parks. Parks entertained the audience with humorous and encouraging comments with a script she wrote. She also helped the children setup before the show and gave them a positive pep talk.

“It takes a lot to go on stage and do something that they’re not used to and go out of their comfort zone,” Parks said.

The show ended with first, second and third-place winners showing off their award as judges and parents happily shouted. Students confidently demonstrated their recycled designs and contributed to an important issue in our environment. Ultimately, the theater team and The Green Hope Project helped save our world with a cheerful night.

“We want to bring focus on the issues and bring back an environmental summit to the city,” Printz said.