Abril Garcia learned how to drive and received a new car from her parents during isolation. (Photo by Abril Garcia)
Abril Garcia learned how to drive and received a new car from her parents during isolation.

Photo by Abril Garcia

What I Learned In Isolation

Future Life Factor

September 15, 2020

Due to the pandemic, wwere forced to distance ourselves from others. This gave us a lot of time to decide what to do with this new lifestyleI decided to do something that would help me in the future because I knew that we might not get another opportunity like this — even if it was nothing extravagant.

 Cutting back to the beginning of quarantine, I remember an encounter I had with my mom regarding driving, that went a little something like this:   

 “Abril! You do know that you have to take your test before October, right?” my mom said.  

“Of course! That is something I have been looking forward to since last year,” I told her.  

In the meantime, I practiced driving to be eligible to get my license. At first, it was just the basics like putting the signal, turning, stopping and turning the car on. I was told to do this for a week, and then I started driving on bigger streets. My mom is not the type to trust others in driving, so when the next words fell out of her mouth I was stunned. 

 “Can I ask you for a favor?” my mom said. “Could you take me to the hospital for my annual appointment?”  

 I was so happy that she believed in me. Later that same month she bought me a car even if it was not anything special, I loved it.  

 “Thank you,” I said. “I will make sure not to damage it haha.” 

 The time I spent isolated from everyone, I learned to spend my time doing something that will be essential for me in the future. Even though we do not go to many places due to the pandemic, I got used to driving and I am confident that I will pass the test.

I really hope I didn’t just jinx myself.