What I Learned in Isolation

Rediscovering the joy of music, reading

May 26, 2021


Photo by student submission

Junior Abraham Vaughn plays guitar in his home. He is also a violinist and rediscovered creating his own rosin for this violin bow during the pandemic.

In the questioning times we find ourselves experiencing, adapting is key to being successful. This pandemic has made people change hobbies, lifestyles, ideologies, goals, their view on the word “pandemic,” their personality and how they manage themselves.. Without a doubt, I have changed, and I am glad those changes were made sooner rather than later.

To begin, I would not consider myself an outgoing person because much of what I needed, such

as food, entertainment, great and loving company, and my loyal dog, Simon, were all here at my house. Of course, outside company was something I greatly missed as I am eternally grateful for my friends, and I consider myself lucky to have those close-knit bonds with them that make saying goodbye a grueling and difficult task. However, one thing I have learned from these perplexing times is that company is not a necessity, but an alternative. In other words, in moments of solitude, who can we rely on to make us feel content? Each of us can! Once we learn to find happiness and appreciate being alone, we will be ready to enjoy ourselves in the presence of our favorite company.

Speaking of keeping entertained, boredom, during the pandemic, has been a relentless threat to

ruining my days. Thankfully, discovering new hobbies and rediscovering old ones were there to support this never-ending battle in my head. For example, a new hobby that I had picked up was rosin-making. In short, using beeswax, pine tree sap, and a little carved box of wood, I learned to make something I used quite often to play my violin and have found it comforting to inhale the sweet aroma of the boiling beeswax. Now why would I want to create a product that is easily available in a music store or Amazon? First, there is a sense of satisfaction (at least for me) that a person receives from creating something using their mind and hands. Second, I could make it for a fraction of the cost of already-made rosin, so I save money in the process. Finally, I am tired and find it frustrating that the packaging used by many music companies and Amazon have not been the best. Resulting in the rosin I purchased either coming in a million broken-glass sized pieces or arriving as if it had been ground so fine that it could be mistaken for sand. 

Another hobby I rediscovered was reading. Focusing on nothing else but the live-action story happening in my head. I found it comforting to pick up a book and look at the words printed on the paper. In a sense, I began to read again because the books on my bookshelf were starting to look a little neglected. Without a doubt, I do not regret picking up reading again as the books I had read before, had aged well and were better than I remembered.

Finally, I would like to close off by saying do your best and make the best out of the time that we

have right now. I wish everyone the best. Keep your head held high. It may look impossible now, but do what you must to make this year one of the best years you possibly can. If you know l what you wish to achieve or do, go do it! Best of luck to you and stay safe.