IB Showcase


IB art exhibit heals with beauty

By Mia Drake


To some, art is a way to express who they are; to other’s it’s a way to heal and be refreshed. El Dorado’s IB students proved art could be a way to help someone through his or her darkest of times.


“Artwork helps in the healing process,” said Kurt Gross, Director for Hospitals of Providence.


Students within the International Baccalaureate program, also known as “IB” held an art exhibit at the Hospitals of Providence East Campus on March 30,2017 to showcase some of their art pieces.


“Nursing is an art,” Gross said. “What our patients have to endure is something that takes a lot of strength, and bravery.”


During the exhibit, each student of the program got the chance to explain their piece and why they created such artwork. For many, the idea of “expanding outside of the box” inspired them – the pieces ranged from, self-portraits to inspiration words, to different themes.


“I feel blessed to have this opportunity,” senior Karina Cortez said. “To showcase my pieces, and know it impacts people positively is the best feeling.”


Gross loved the idea of students expressing themselves, and says he looks forward to continuing to display art from El Dorado students.