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This Week’s Music Playlist: May 1-5


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This Week’s Playlist: May 1-5

By Tomas Murga

Always Wanted You (Ft. Kimbra) – Aryay

Former Flosstradamus intern and current Skrillex OWSLA Labelmate, Aryay, is out to show a

softer side of his “Lion Sound” with the “Somebody That I Used To Know” collaborator Kimbra

on his newest single “Always Wanted You.” He lets his normally aggressive side take backseat

for this song, and while doing that, Aryay provides a cute and fun song, with a beat drop for the




Heavy – POWERS

Los Angeles-based alternative duo, POWERS, run by lead vocalist Crista Ru and co-

vocalist/producer Mike Del Rio, are releasing a wide array of singles, including the funky, 70’s

inspired “Heavy.” “Heavy” is a party unto itself, soundwise, but lyrically, the song is more of a

pity party, with lyrics like, “Heavy / Heavy how I want you so bad / Heavy when it hits me so fast

/ Heavy and it’s driving me mad / That I’m never gonna give you up.”



Love Galore – SZA

RCA Records’ newest R&B/Soul signee, SZA, is out with another great single leading to the

release of her first studio album “Ctrl.” The video is my absolute favorite, with SZA leaving

Travis to face his demise, a.k.a. an overweight white woman wielding a pickaxe.



love gang (Ft. Charli XCX) – Whethan

Another Skrillex collaborator, Whethan has linked up with the Princess of Electronica, Charli

XCX for a fun song about love, in a gang-related style. The beat drop is just so much fun to

dance to with some friends, and the guitar makes this song such a hardcore banger.



Paper Love – Allie X

The Queen of Sunglasses, Allie X, is here to show the world her take on the current trend of

tropical house-influenced music. This song is a super fun side of Allie that her fans, the X’s,

haven’t seen before “Paper Love.” This song is Summer ready, and I can’t wait to bop to it for

the weeks to come.



Quit (Ft. Ariana Grande) – Cashmere Cat

Norwegian alternative R&B DJ, Cashmere Cat, is putting is softer side on blast, with this deep

cut off his most recent album release, “9”. Ariana Grande is here to take the song to that next

level, with Sia getting songwriting credits for this tropical ballad. This song is such a danceable

song, but the lyrics will definitely get you in your feels.



Room 314 – Neon Bunny

While not many people may be open to music by Korean artists, Neon Bunny gives her chorus

the American treatment on this soft slow jam. “Room 314” is just the kind of song America

needs right now. It’s personally my current favorite on the list right now, because Neon Bunny’s

voice carries this song into another dimension.



S.O.S. (NZCA Lines Remix) – Femme

Self-managed British Pop singer, Femme’s remix album of her debut album, “Debutante”

entitled “Debutante Remixed” includes a softer remix of the roaring lead single from her debut

album, “S.O.S.” On this remix, NZCA LINES turn the guitar heavy song into a whimsical spell of




A Santa Maquina – Antonia Morais

I don’t really know anything about the history of this song, and I can’t find anything about the

artist of this song, Antonia Morais, but a quick Google translate turns this song title from ‘A

Santa Maquina’ to “The Holy Machine,” giving this song even more reason to sound like an

industrial haunted house. This song is haunting yet, sultry, and the way Antonia sings “Try to

keep me in mind” over and over is just so captivating. I can’t help but keep this song on repeat.



Submission (Ft. Danny Brown & Kelela) – Gorillaz

This is my absolute favorite song off of the brand new studio album by British virtual band,

Gorillaz. R&B Songstress Kelela takes the reins on this song and only lets them go once to give

Danny Brown the room to give an amazingly emotional verse. Kelela’s voice is the whipped

cream on this ice cream, and Danny Brown is the cherry on top.

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