beauty for the inner soul


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Beauty For the Inner Soul

By: Jesse Baird




For all my ladies, that hate having to wake up super early just to do your hair I have some cute time-saving hair hacks. These hairdos are stylish and very easy to do.



“I’m always open to trying new and easy hairstyles,” senior, Alexis Jimenez said.  Anything that will help me save time and look stylish.”




Messy high ponytail



  • Step one: pick up your hair into a messy high ponytail.
  • Step two: take out a piece of hair out of hair from the ponytail and braid it.
  • Step three: twist the braid around the hair tie and saucer it with bobby pins.
  • Step four: curl or straighten the ends of the ponytail.
  • Step five: (optional) tease the ponytail to create a full look.
  • Step six: put out any stray and baby hairs to give the look messier.



“If these hair tips save me time the I’m down for it,” Jimenez said.



Fishtail bun



  • Step one: pick up your hair in a high ponytail.
  • Step two: split the hair forms the ponytail into two and fishtail the two pieces.
  • Step three: now with the two braids rap both in opposite directions and saucer them both with bobby pins.
  • Step four: pull out any stray and baby hairs to give a softer look to it.


Feel free to change or add your own twist to the hairstyle for a signature design; I hope these will help you in saving time when getting ready for your day.