Aztec Baseball Qualifies for State Playoffs


Aztec Baseball Qualifies for State Playoffs

By Alex Thompson


Varsity baseball, led by Head Coach Victor Rodriguez, finished the season off 18-14-1, with a district record of 7-6-1. The last game of the season against the Pebble Hills Spartans was the deciding friendly to help send the Aztecs into the post season.


The Aztecs started out the season 0-3-1 and had been in a drought by not seeing the playoffs in three years.


Senior Anthony Ochoa kept his head high, as team chemistry had driven the team to coordinate a better offense and defense.


“It didn’t look good, but we kept working and now we’re in the playoffs,” Ochoa said. “We’ve got to play hard defense and can’t make any mistakes.”


Coach Rodriguez comments on the growing philosophy for the team that stunned the city after a rough start.


“We started from the bottom, our pitching has been there the whole year, the hitting came around at the end, and our clutch hitting came through when runners were in scoring position,” said Rodriguez. “I saw Midland. They’re a good team, so we have to go in with a good mindset.”


The team has placed these good luck charms and even got their Head Coach to join in on the superstitions of a long series.


“We won a couple of games with the same uniforms, some of our kids wear the same underwear, same socks, they dyed their hair blonde, and now they’re going to shave my head,” said Rodriguez. “I’ve got to be a man about it and do our little routines to enjoy the game.”


The Aztecs faced the Midland Bulldogs, the district champions, May 6. They won the first game on Friday afternoon in extra innings 5-4. On Saturday morning, they lost 3-2 and lost the third game 5-0.