Christmas Dress up slide show



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Christmas Dress-Up Week

By Cosette Weissbard


It’s Christmas time at the Aztec Empire and National Honor Society celebrated with a dress-up week.


Monday: Wear Fuzzy Christmas Socks

Lining up next to sophomore Janet Martinez, freshmen Stephanie Valdez and Andrea Morales  show off their festive socks during lunchtime for “Wear Fuzzy, Christmas Socks Day.”


Tuesday: Wear a Christmas Hat

Smiling with glee, sophomore Mildred Gallardo stands in front of a Christmas tree as her Santa hat sits on her head for “Wear a Christmas Hat Day.”


Wednesday: Wear an Ugly Christmas Sweater

Wearing a cat-covered sweater, sophomore Ethan Orozco stands next to fellow sophomore Verin Malang as they pose in front of a Grinch inspired Christmas tree to present their ugly sweaters for “Wear an Ugly Christmas Sweater Day.”


Thursday: Dress Up like The Grinch

Following the Grinch-like tendency, no one decided to be festive and dress up like the Grinch for “Dress Up Like The Grinch Day.”


Friday: Dress to Impress

Staring into the distance, sophomore Brandon Morales shows off his outfit for “Dress To Impress Day.”