Homecoming Court Stars Announced for Hollywood Week

By Aztec Gold Staff

Homecoming court members were voted on by the student body last week during lunch and serve an important role during homecoming week festivities. This year’s homecoming theme is Hollywood and the stars are our court members. Here’s a list of our homecoming royalty. They will be featured at the parade and Birth of the Aztec Sun today, as well as the pep rally and game tomorrow. Finally, they will be presented on Saturday night at the dance, along with nobility members from each club and organization.

Freshman CapilliLucas Xavier Ochoa

Freshman CihuapilliVictoria Sanchez









Sophomore Capilli – Hiram Martinez

Sophomore Cihuapilli Kaylah Alvarado







Junior CapilliDare Olowe

Junior CihuapilliDarling Harris












Senior CapilliRicardo Espinoza

Senior CihuapilliCarolina Ortega













Christian Gonzalez and Xyan Brooks












EmperorErick Medina

EmpressStephanie Flores












Emperor of the Heart – Mr. David. Ellis

Empress of the Heart – Valerie Rios