The Lady Aztecs Defeat the Lady Knights


Lady Aztecs of the varsity basketball team played against the lady Knights of Hanks High School on Dec. 4. The final score was 47-25, leaving the Aztecs winners. A strong defense and passing game characterized the victory from beginning to end.

Senior Sonya Dozier (11) tipped the ball as the Knights dominated possession of it. Senior Kristin Rosales (13) made an effort to go in for the shot every chance she got. With key players providing strong defense, Rosales was able to get some open shots.

“It was our effort and togetherness that got us through the game,” Rosales said.

Passes made by junior Arianna Aragon (22) gave the girls many opportunities to take hold of the ball and make their shot. There was struggle seen as players were left with the ball with no assistance.

Eventually, the Aztecs gained more focus and understood the passing pattern of the Knights. Taking advantage of the observation, the Aztecs took as many shots as possible. This gave the Knights a chance to step up their defense and use intimidation to steal the ball from the Aztecs multiple times.

“We started off strong and pushed the ball,” Aragon said. “It was simply our concentration and determination that let us come out with the victory.”

Improvement from Madison Cuevas (5) was shown throughout the game. She showed great ability to stabilize the ball and dribble down the court.

The Lady Aztecs pushed through and worked together to provide a promising conclusion to game. The loud, aggressive buzzer declared the end of the game. The final score was 47-25, leaving the Aztecs with a victory.

“It was a good game,” Cuevas said. “I think we were able to work as a team which is what we usually struggle on. We had a good flow going which led us to take the win.”

Overall, the team showed sportsmanship as they made their way through the game. Each play was visible to the eye and there was evidence of leadership and strength in every player.