Students fight back bullies with dress-up day fun


Photo by Nayeli Andrade

“Honestly i forget and spontaneously dressed up vintage style,” senior Samuel Good said.

Spirit week was centered around raising awareness against bullyin, and building a positive image for the Aztec Empire. The campus united and showcased their school spirit through the self-expression of dressing up. Students came together and brought their best outfits forward for the week. The dress-up days are listed below: 

Aug. 26: “Don’t be a meme” – Dress up as any meme of your choice on Meme Day.

Aug. 27: “Looking out for bullies” – Wear tourist apparel like caps, sunglasses, cameras and tennis shoes to look out for bullies on Tourist Day.

Aug. 28: “Once you’re a bully, there’s no going back” – Dress up with the style or aesthetic of a past era or decade on this Blast from the Past day.

Aug. 29: “Your colors shine brighter when you’re not a bully” On this day, students celebrated their graduation year pride with Color Wars. Freshmen wore yellow or gold, sophomores wore white, juniors wore cardinal red and seniors wore black for the day of Ignite the Empire pep rally. Aug. 30: “We are unique, we are Aztecs” – Students wore their spirit gear for the first football game of the season against Pebble Hills.

The anti-bully themed week all led up to the Ignite the Empire pep rally, which was also centered around anti-bullying and gave the school a chance to get together and celebrate every single person and organization that make the Aztec Empire whole. It was a warm welcoming to the new year, and the varsity football team left ready to take on their first game of the season against the Pebble Hills Spartans.