Mexico in the blood

School organizations celebrate 16 de Septiembre


On 16 de Septiembre, a celebration was held at El Dorado to honor the history of Mexico’s declaration of independence from Spain. Mariachi, folklorico, culinary arts and the Spanish classes participated in this celebration. The purpose of the Mexican party to give the school community a chance to know more about  Mexico, it’s food, it’s music, games, language, and most important its history.

Spanish teacher Brenda Renteria thinks that Mexican culture inspires other countries and groups of people. She thinks that American people wanting to be part of the Mexican culture is a beautiful thing. Renteria also mentioned that the world should not be afraid to know Mexico only because of the stereotypes that the world has of them.

“Mexican culture is very loved throughout the world and the passage it has created with it’s border,” Renteria said.

Sahid Palacios, which is in mariachi, told us that he loves Mexican culture, especially the music. His two favorite songs are “Si Nos Dejan’’ and “Sabes Una Cosa”. He said that he would like to know more about his culture.

“I would like the world to know how beautiful Mexico really is,’’ Palacios said.

Danna Carrillo lives in a unique perspective since she knows a lot about both American and Mexican culture. She is part of folklorico and has been practicing since she was very young. She likes Mexico a lot and likes to go down to several parts of Mexico. Though, Carrillo is very shocked that she has friends whose parents are Mexicans and their first language was Spanish, but they have never been to Mexico because their parents forbid them to go there.

“This makes me feel very sad because they are forgetting their roots, and they do nothing for their culture to prosper,” Carrillo said. “Even then, I’m still happy the school celebrated the meixan culture and spread it to the students and teachers here.”