Fall Festival, car show celebrate local community 

The fall festival was a chance for the automotive students to come together and share their love for cars. Everyone was allowed to bring their cars and have a chance to see the different varieties of vehicles .  

“I think it’s a very good opportunity for students to be able to come together, bring their cars, do something fun for the school, and raise some money as well,” automotive teacher Edward Alvarez said. “Everyone gave $10 to participate in the Show and Shine.”   

Many businesses donated to the welding class for the fall festival. Peter Piper, Bush’s Chicken, Dunkin Donuts, and Whataburger all donated free coupons to the fall festival. Also, there was a chance to win a gift basket and a TV with the cost of $10 dollars to enter. Each $10 goes to automotive so the team can buy more equipment for the program.

“It was fun seeing all these cars here at the car show,” junior Carlos Rivas said.  “There were modern cars, classic cars, hot rods and it was fun seeing all the different styles and taste.” 

The car show at the fall festival gave everyone the opportunity to get together and share an interest. There were a large variety of different cars all lined up for the public to appreciate and admire. Everyone has the same interests, but now everyone can experience others point of view of their favorite genre of cars. 

“Automotive class has helped me realize my passion for fixing up cars,” senior Albert Salazar said. “I really love the car community and this car show was a great way to meet new people with the same passion.”

The car community has a different impact on everyone lives and  free time. The car show gave everyone a chance to talk to different people about their passions and hobbies. It also gave everyone a chance to bond and open more opportunities in the future.

“The Aztecs really came together when no one had to be here, but look at all the people who came to see and bring their cars,” senior Alescia Barnes said. For me cars are a right of passage and your freedom, you know?” 

Aside from the car show, there were many fun activities, delicious food, and booths to help the school fundraise. The festive event was on on Oct. 26 from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m at the school’s parking lot.

“Since its on Saturday I hoped that a lot more of the community shows up,” junior Ama Flores said. “I think it was a great chance for the students to build a relationship with the school community.” 

Students from the National Honor Society (NHS) planned this year’s fall festival and worked to make it fun just like every other year. The main focus was to integrate the school community. 

“It’s always a great thing to see everyone and their families become whole as a community and enjoy the holidays together,” NHS sponsor Theresa Maya said.