Marching band makes history at TOB competition

The Tournament of Bands is an annual competition El Dorado attends annually held at New Mexico State University. On Nov. 2, the marching band earned awards for best percussion, best color guard and first place in outstanding musical performance for Class A, making this year their most winningest.

“Honestly, I was blown away, I knew the students would do well, but you know, as a young band director, you don’t know what to expect and it’s always a surprise when these things happen,” head band director Alexandro Contreras said. “But it felt really good and I was extremely, extremely proud of all the work that the students did, making it pay off for them.”

The students along with the Sun Dancers and the Mahuiztli flag team, made their way down to the NMSU stadium. There, marching band students performed three movements: “Firefly,” “Gabriel’s Oboe,” and “King Fisher’s Catch Fire.” These pieces were said to have been very touching to these students.

“The first one is kind of like an impact point, the start,” sophomore Juliet Hernandez said. “And in the middle it’s really sentimental, and then the last one is really good as well.” 

As this was the last competition of the season, marching band students shared a sentimental moment together, savoring this achievement.

“We’re holding hands we’re sharing this moment and we’re proud of where this band has been and where it is going and where it will be in the future, because we love each other,” drum major James Marquez said.