Senior takes on new hobbies as COVID-19 forces people into their homes


Daphne Serna took up new hobbies like gardening and cooking to keep herself busy while isolating at home due to the pandemic.

The first grading period is closing out this Friday and SISD superintendent Dr. Jose Espinoza has announced that he will be filing an application with TEA to extend online learning into December 2020. For students who selected traditional learning, this means that students may not see the inside of a classroom for another eight weeks.

For seniors like Daphne Serna, the end of the first eight weeks of the school year is much like the end of the last semester of her junior year.

As the final assignments were being turned in on May 28, Aztecs like Serna were getting ready to head into a summer unlike any other before. As COVID-19 cases increased throughout the world, student groups and families cancelled travel plans in the worldwide pandemic.

“I was supposed to go to Austin for the choir state competition,” Serna said, “And in July I was going to take a trip to Cancun. I had really exciting plans this summer.”

For many people, the summer was spent trying to stay physically and mentally active – at home. Serna chose to pick up new skills and do things she had been wanting to do but never had time for. For Serna it was important to not go out as much and making sure she was social distancing.

“The summer was really bland. I didn’t do much,” she said. “I cleaned, reorganized my room and started cooking more for myself, which is something I’ve been trying do for so long.”

Entering the fall season, Serna was worried but ultimately hopeful about a year that will be unique in history.

“I’m scared because its my senior year and its just going to feel so different,” Serna said. “The only thing I can hope for is to have our end-of-year senior festivities and a special graduation.”