Aztecs school teachers in faculty basketball game

Students win 47-37 on the court


Getting ready for a special basketball game, teachers faced their students in front of a packed audience at the Empire on April 28.

Crowds went crazy cheering for their team. Whether it was the teachers or the students, both teams were ready to display their skills in basketball. With excitement and adrenaline, five teachers and five students were ready to play. 

“I was ready to play, but I was also very nervous since we were playing in front of a lot of people,” senior Nahomi Magallanes said. “I know that teachers were taking it seriously so at some point it was very intimidating.” 

The students participating were five boys and five girls from the basketball team. The students didn’t underestimate the teachers and they came out  having a good lead in the first quarter. 

“It was fun, I liked that the teachers were actually balling up, and trying to catch up to us,” junior Alyssa Abascal said.

Having teachers participate made the event more fun for students and more entertaining for the crowd as they watched them try to catch up to the students who were in the lead. 

“It was something to build teacher morale and student morale,” economics teacher Daniel Nicholas said. “It was also something to look forward to after having a testing week.”

Teachers fell short by 10 points and students took the win at the empire, ending the game with a score of 47-37. 

“I like how a lot of teachers participate. It’s good to have fun with teachers, especially outside the classroom,” senior Jacob Farfan said.