‘The Play’ advances to state art competition

Adrian Garcia’s painting wows VASE judges


From the stage to a canvas, senior Adrian Garcia made one of his friends who was recently in a play as the subject of his VASE competition submission, which will now advance to state competition.

Originally, Garcia didn’t make the painting for VASE but instead as a gift to his friend, who is also in the painting class.

“I didn’t originally make it for VASE. In fact, I wasn’t going to enter at all,” Garcia said. “It was originally going to be a gift for them.”

Shortly after finding out that he placed and is advancing to state, it didn’t go through Garcia’s mind at first, but once it did he was filled with excitement.

“I didn’t really process it at first. I didn’t realize how much of a big deal that was. It took me a while and when it hit me, I was like “I got into state!”

After hearing that he will be traveling for VASE for the first time since COVID-19 forced cancellations, Garcia was excited to experience everything it has to come with a competition.

“I was excited! I have made it to state on an architecture competition in the pass, but the event got cancelled due to COVID-19.” Garcia said. “So, this would be my first time going somewhere for competition.”