2015-16 Class Officers


2015-16 edhs class officers

And The Election Goes To…

By Ariana Contreras & Sarah Lawrence
Photos by Sarah Lawrence

Class officer elections were held last Thursday and results were revealed Friday over afternoon announcements. There were a total of 38 candidates running but only the best were chosen to represent each class. According to election officials, voting turn out was better than expected. The following are the winners of your 2015-2016 class officer elections.

Senior Class

President: Daniel Poppe
Vice President: Cristian Tate-Lerma
Secretary: Athena Delgado
Treasurer: Areli Jacome

Junior Class

President: Mariana Sigala
Vice President: Miriam Meneses
Secretary: Jessica Flores
Treasurer: Cristina Fabela

Sophomore Class

President: Kayla Zuniga
Vice President: Michael Adams

Freshman Class

President: Estela Fierro
Vice President: Yesenia Masso
Secretary: Estela Fierro
Treasurer: Maya Tarin