Senior Favorites Winners Announced


Senior Favorites Winners Announced

By Ariana Contreras


And the Winners are…


All polls have been closed and totaled to determine your favorites for the class of 2017. The ballots, filled out using Google Forms and totaled automatically, were only seen and handled by yearbook adviser Vanessa Juarez and yearbook editor-in-chief Danielle Miller.


The winners for each category must be able to attend a morning photo shoot at Glamour Shots studio on Sunday, Dec. 4, 2016. Inability to attend the photo shoot will result in the student not appearing in the yearbook for senior favorites.


The following are your winners for each category.


** Drum roll, please **


Star Smile – Girl

Irissa Tarin


Star Smile – Boy

Anthony Ochoa


Legendary Locks – Girl

Brianna Kelly


Legendary Locks – Boy

Lyferik Cheffey


Fashion Forward – Girl

America Lara


Fashion Forward – Boy

Denny Chavez


Born to Run (Most Athletic) – Girl

Andrea Gallegos


Born to Run (Most Athletic) – Boy

Sebastian Moreno


The Butterflies (Most Transformed) – Girl

Jessica Rodriguez


The Butterflies (Most Transformed) – Boy

Liam Lozano


Celebrity Status (Likely to Be Famous) – Girl

Miriam Meneses


Celebrity Status (Likely to Be Famous) – Boy

Oscar Balderas


Crystal Clear (Prettiest Eyes) – Girl

Sarah Lawrence


Crystal Clear (Pretties Eyes) – Boy

Robert Sierra


Most Likely to Succeed – Girl

Alexandra Lombardo


Most Likely to Succeed – Boy

Felipe Carlos


Aztec Obsession (Most Spirited) – Girl

Charlotte Miller


Aztec Obsession (Most Spirited) – Boy

Rodney Parks


Class Clown – Girl

Idalys Diharce


Class Clown – Boy

Tyler Berry


Old Soul (Should have been Born in a Different Era) – Girl

Claudia Cardiel


Old Soul (Should have been Born in a Different Era) – Boy

Benjamin Martinez


Most Likely to be Tardy to Graduation – Girl

Arlette Flores


Most Likely to be Tardy to Graduation – Boy

Keysean Watson


Social Media Star – Girl

Jozlyn Gasca


Social Media Star – Boy

Giovanni Lopez


Dynamic Duo – Girl BFFs

Brianna Lopez & Cristina Fabela


Dynamic Duo – Boy BFFs

Joel Mudloff & Ronnie Fauntleroy