Coach’s Pick: Tennis Player of the Month: Bryan Canales Sophomore


By Erik Bustillos

Sophomore Bryan Canales is the tennis player of the month for November, as chosen by tennis coach Sylvia Zubiate.


According to Zubiate, he has improved his performance on the court and placed third overall in a doubles tournament.

“I learned how to slice forehands to control the ball more, something I struggle with,” Canales said.

Joining the game in 8th grade at his dad’s encouragement, Bryan has found his element opposing others across the 3.5-foot net. Just as any other determined athlete, he feels there’s always room to improve.


“I feel I need to have a more consistent second serve,” Canales said.

He knows there are better tennis players but, he draws pointers and tips from his doubles partner, Jose Hernandez a senior on the team.

“I want to definitely continue to place top three and eventually win at both doubles and singles tournaments,” Canales said.


From learning forehands and improving his slicing, Bryan Canales is a sophomore with a senior’s mentality for playing the game of tennis.