Tennis takes on Bel-Air


Event: Bel Air Highlanders @ El Dorado Aztecs

Date: Tuesday August 15, 2017

Photos by Joshua Rodriguez


The Highlanders traveled to the home of the Aztecs to face off in their first meet up of the 2017-18 tennis season. The Aztecs already faced one opponent while this was Bel Air’s first competition of the season. While the matches were hard-fought by both sides, the result would have the Highlanders being the overall victors over the Aztecs.


“The matches were competitive from both schools,” Coach Sylvia Zubiate said.


The Aztecs’ next match-up will be the Coronado Tournament Aug. 18-19.


Standout Male Athlete of the Meet: Senior Pedro Lozano

Standout Female Athlete of the Meet: Sophomore Jalynn Jonas