Students Give Men’s Prom Fashion Tips


Suit and Tie: Students Give Men’s Prom Fashion Tips

By Samuel Guzman

The dance, limos, restaurants, pictures and after-parties are elements of a high school prom, but arguably the biggest point of importance is the fashion. With prom coming up, it’s important that the men look just as good as the ladies on their arm. Here are tips from students that know what they’re doing and look good while they’re doing it.



The Small Things Matter

It is critical to make sure your coat, shirt, pants all match, but what about those little accessories in between that’ll add more flash to the outfit? Watches, belts, shoes and cufflinks are those “small things” that senior Omar Barraza believes those going to prom should really consider.

“It really brings out your outfit and it gives detail,” Barraza said. “It tops off your outfit.”



Think Outside the Box

You can never go wrong with the classic black tuxedo, but senior Ryan Portillo feels that prom is the special occasion to go out and show off. Staying away from the navy, black and grey colors are something he suggests.

“It’s senior prom, you want to be able to stand out and look back and not be afraid to express yourself,” Portillo said. “There’s suits like burgundy, white, lighter blue and just stay away from the basics and just be yourself.”



The Perfect Fit

The suit is the biggest component of your outfit. Making sure the suit is fitted properly to your body type is essential. Senior Benjamin Martinez urges that students try on the suit before you take it out for rent or purchasing it.

“Sometimes it can tend to look differently on the rack than on you,” Martinez said. “Make sure to pick something that fits you comfortably and your body shape.”



The Cut

Getting a haircut is one of the final steps to completing your prom look. Most guys prefer getting a haircut the day of prom, but getting it a couple of days earlier wouldn’t hurt either. Senior Thomas Hayes considers the haircut the most “important” part.

“If you don’t get a haircut it just messes up your whole look,” Hayes said. “You can have a clean watch, nice earrings, be ironed, but if you don’t have a haircut, you’ll look dusty.”



Confidence is Key

Confidence can take you far and will make you feel like a celebrity walking the red carpet.

“Just be confident in the way you look, no matter what,” senior Artie Maxwell said. “That’s all you need really.”

Make sure to takes these tips in consideration and have a blast at prom, starting at 8 p.m. on Saturday, May 6, at the Centennial Banquet and Conference Center.