These 4 apps can help you pass this year

By Claudia Juarez

It’s that time of year again and school has already replaced swimsuits with casual attire, summer flicks with textbooks, and leisure with stress. However, one does not have to spend this year fretting over their new classes, potential AP classes or dual credit courses. Thanks to modern technology, apps have been created to help one maneuver through the new school year with ease. These are four apps that have been chosen by several educators to help students study this year and pass their new classes with flying colors.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy has been endorsed by several educators as one of the most beneficial apps designed to help students understand their curriculum. Khan Academy provides an array of subjects ranging from mathematics, science, SAT prep, economics, and even arts and humanities. Khan Academy gives students access to how-to videos and practice problems to perfect whatever qualms one may have on that subject. This app is especially resourceful for those that are aspiring to ace their AP or SAT/ACT exams.


As the name suggests, Photomath is an app that lets one take a picture of whatever mathematical problem they may have and solves it for them instantaneously. In addition to that, Photomath provides steps on how to attain the answer and if one cannot take a picture of the problem, they can write it down. Sadly, Photomath does not work with word problems, but once put into an equation, it will simplify it.

Varsity Tutors

Varsity Tutors is an app that offers live tutoring for all subjects. Varsity Tutors was ranked as a top app for kids in 2017 by Educents. This app is available for mobile phone or tablet and is offered 24/7. Varsity Tutors also provides online tests during live tutoring sessions and has apps that provide tutoring for AP exams and college entrance exams such as the MCAT or LSAT. If one needs help now, Varsity Tutors is the app for them.


Quizlet has often been used by teachers to create assignments or flashcards. This is the exact purpose of Quizlet. This is an app that is dedicated to helping students understand a subject by developing flashcards. Quizlet is especially good for SAT/ACT prep and for students that are learning new languages. All the flashcards made on Quizlet have been designed by teachers and students alike.


All of the apps listed are free and can be found on the Android/Apple App Store, as well as on iTunes.