Aztec student’s YouTube channel inspired by Filipino roots


Junior Angelo Castro, a student at El Dorado High School, is currently in the process of creating his own YouTube channel.

Proud of his Filipino roots, Castro has always had a passion for singing and dancing. The common language spoken in the Philippines, Tagalog, may sound like singing with less effort.

This is due to the fact that Tagalog is a tonal language, meaning each “tone” is able to change the meaning of words, even if the pronunciation is the same. Singing is greatly encouraged by parents in the Filipino culture.

Castro’s channel, “The Angelo Show,” will be filled with content that expresses who he is as a person. Castro is someone who loves to goof around, and wants to share that side of him with the world.

In his channel, you can expect wacky content such as skits that Castro comes up with himself.

Castro’s inspirations stems from MyChonny, who is an Asian-Australian YouTube star. He creates “Asianese” videos of not only himself, but friends and family as well.

MyChonny first joined YouTube in March 2008 and as of July 2018 has over one million subscribers.

At the moment, Castro has not yet uploaded any videos. However, content will be up on his channel soon.

I want to make it because I wanted to bring back the old YouTube nostalgia.

— Angelo Castro, 11

“I want to make it because I wanted to bring back the old YouTube nostalgia,” said Castro. “Back when you didn’t have to add special effects in order to make a good YouTube video.”