Students show work in third recycled art show

The It’s Your World Project hosts their 3rd Annual Trash to Treasure Show


Saturday, April 27, the It’s Your World and Green Hope Projects hosted the Metamorphosis: Trash to Treasure III Recycled Art Exhibition. The International Museum of Art was filled with audiences of all ages who viewed the artwork and were informed about the exhibition’s purpose and mission.

“There are different organizations that have gathered here today for one goal,” El Dorado art teacher and It’s Your World organizer Candace Printz said, “Which is to make the city a more cleaner, environmentally friendly place.”

It’s Your World is an El Dorado student-run organization which started in 2016 when Printz and her students noticed the amount of trash that is illegally dumped in the city’s desserts. The damage being done to the environment motivated the organization to promote recycling and the arts to the public about the society.

“Seeing the community supporting our cause is amazing,” Senior El Dorado High School student Etienne Bredell said, “Its bringing a new perspective as to what we should do with trash that is recyclable, and capable of becoming art.”

A private and public reception included dog adoptions from Mutt Love, distribution of free eco-friendly straws and tooth brushes, and appetizers for guests to enjoy. Over 600 people who attended, including featured artists, were able to view all the recycled art pieces and enjoy the function.

“I made this art piece with my class, and seeing all these recycled art pieces means that we are one step closer to saving the planet.” Horizon Heights Elementary School student Deja Aguilar said.

Printz and the It’s Your World Organization is hoping to uphold their annual exhibition as well as deliver their mission not only to the community, but further impact people outside of the area.

“We want people who attend these events to make connections and become more aware and spread our message,” Printz said, “We want events like these to help others start their own project to spread awareness of this issue that we are facing in today’s society which is to keep the environment clean for everybody to enjoy.”