Aztecs head to playoffs in Midland


By Eliza Apodaca for  Aztec Gold Online

After the tragic loss against the Franklin Cougars, the El Dorado Aztecs won their last game of the regular season against the Americas Trailblazers. This means that the Aztecs will be facing the Amarillo Sandies at playoffs Thursday November 13, 2014 in Midland, Texas.

“Our strong points were going 110 percent every play and doing whatever I can to get the victory,” junior running back Sergio Gonzalez said. “We were prepared to get the win, to take that bad taste we had last week against Franklin, to go against adversity and make it to playoffs.”

Within the first five minutes of the game, junior Cameron Covington scored a two-yard running touchdown to give the Aztecs the lead 7-3.

“To be honest, the playoffs are a better step,” said Covington. “It’s the other games that we have to continue to fight and come home with another victory.”

Sophomore Jorge Hernandez scored two touchdowns to lead the Aztecs 21-9.

“It’s a pleasure playing with the seniors and juniors, you learn a lot from them. They’re like my role models,” Hernandez said. “I was struggling a lot and I was just waiting for my shot to show my coaches what I can do.”

Two minutes and 46 seconds to the half and Gonzalez scored a touchdown to make the Aztecs lead 28-16.

Although Covington attended Americas last year, he didn’t hesitate to score against his former teammates with only 3.8 seconds left before halftime, which put the El Dorado Aztecs at 35-28.

As the game progressed, junior quarterback Austyn Hill scored a touchdown with 1:30 left in the third quarter to extend the Azte lead to 49-26.

Demaijah Birdsong scored the last touchdown of the night making the final score 66-43.

Looking ahead to next week’s game against the Amarillo Sandies, Gonzalez said, ”We’re confident that if we get this win, we’re going to get far.”