Theater stages legendary ‘Sweeny Todd’ musical


By Mia Drake

After long days and restless hours, the time has finally come! El Dorado High School’s production of “Sweeney Todd” was hit Thursday, Nov. 21, which was opening night. Catch the action and drama at 7 p.m. tonight and tomorrow, Nov. 22.

“Sweeney Todd” is the musical tale of a man named Benjamin Barker, who is placed under arrest because he has a beautiful wife. Authorities that can ship him off to Australia covet his wife and this is exactly what they do. They then take advantage of his wife expecting him to never return. Except, he does. He returns to seek revenge upon the people who sent him away. The musical is about how he takes revenge on the city as the Demon Barber of Fleet Street.

Being in a musical can be very nerve wrecking. There’s a heavy weight on your shoulders to portray a character you may not even relate to. When I got the chance to sit down and speak to the two lead roles they said, “At first it was challenging to have to become the character but, after a while I ended up loving my character.”

Here’s a Q&A with the director.

Aztec Gold: What made you choose to do this musical?
Mr. Rodriguez: Well, we have a lot of strong male performers. Which is very unusual for high school, so I figured since this is a male-dominate play, this would be perfect to tackle.

AG: How did you choose the lead roles?
Mr. Rodriguez: Mostly whoever fit the role the best, we always have open auditions with so many talented actors came out and auditioned. The unique thing about this cast is we ended up double, even triple casting some of the major roles.

AG: How do you choose these students? What is the process?
Mr. Rodriguez: First they audition. They are given a two minute monologue which is the initial audition. Soon after, the actors undergo what we call “call-backs” which they’re receive sides for the show and asked to sing again. In hopes of getting chosen for the role

AG: What is special about this musical, compared to previous performances?
Mr. Rodriguez: I try to pick unique shows that are challenging, and I think this particular show is challenging as far as both the music and the technical aspects.”

AG: Are you excited for the reaction of the student-body?
Mr. Rodriguez: Yes, even when we first started auditions there was such a big turn out. People we hadn’t ever seen before came out to audition because it’s gotten such a following. So, I don’t think the student body will be let down.