Beauty at Home: How to make your own healthy lipstick


Beauty at Home: How to make your own healthy lipstick
By Tiffany Ramirez
Aztec Gold Online

The day I discovered how to create my own lipstick was the day my eyes were opened to how many chemicals needlessly make their way into our cosmetics. Today, I will describe how to make homemade lipstick in just a few steps. Following these specific instructions, you can make lipstick that is healthier than most store lipsticks because it gets rid of the extra minerals and chemicals your body doesn’t need. Creating your own color lipstick can also be very convenient during special events and holidays because you can mix your own special hues to go with outfits and skin tone.

You will need:

Coconut Oil
Crayola Crayons


Step 1 – Fill the large pot with water halfway, set it on the stove and put the stove to medium heat.

Step 2 – Carefully place a small glass bowl inside the pot. The glass bowl should be above the hot water in the larger pot. The water should surround the small bowl, not submerge it.

Step 3 – Add a ½ teaspoon of coconut oil into the small glass bowl. Then add one inch of the Crayola crayon of your choice. Choose the color that you want to make a lipstick. Turn the water down to low heat.

Step 4 – With a spoon, slowly mix the melting crayon with the coconut oil until the entire crayon is melted.

Step 5 – Carefully, with a heat-protected rag or mitten, grab the glass bowl from the pot and pour the melted lipstick liquid into a container with a lid until the lipstick cools down.

Step 6 – Let the lipstick cool for at least two minutes, then place the lipstick mixture into the fridge for another two minutes so it hardens.

If desirable, buy some scent oil in mint, cinnamon or cherry to give your lipstick a sweet and sexy scent. I believe learning how to make your own lipstick is important because it is healthier than store-bought products with toxic and harsh minerals and preservatives. This technique is very convenient during holidays such as Halloween, Christmas and for your daily look. This is a simple and fun way to make your own color lipstick that fits your personality!