1D’s ‘Four’ returns to classic rock sound


By Britney Barreto
Aztec Gold Online

If there is one word to sum up One Direction’s latest album, it is different. The members of the boy band have described “FOUR,” the band’s fourth album, as “edgy” and “mature.” They did not lie. “FOUR” has completely ditched the usual sound the previous albums had headed toward

Starting off with the first single “Steal My Girl,” one can see that this album is heading toward a more classic rock sound. Songs such as “Stockholm Syndrome,” “No Control,” “Where Do Broken Hearts Go?” “Girl Almighty” and “Fireproof” show that the boy band is morphing into a different sound. As the band is maturing, so is their music. Songs like “Night Changes,” “Fool’s Gold,” “18,” and “Spaces” have a softer vibe to them, but are still just as enjoyable as the rest of the music that completes “FOUR.”

Overall, this album is one that impresses me and I continue to grow fonder of it as I listen to it. The lyrics that compose these songs are quirky, catchy and beautiful. This is one of those albums that you cannot just simply listen to once. I have found myself listening to nothing but “FOUR” since it has been released and I feel that I will never grow tired of it.

This album marks a significant turn in One Direction’s career and from what I have heard so far, I can only continue to grow more excited over the next step the band is taking. “FOUR” gives me the impression that the boy band will continue to evolve and release music they feel content with. I admit, I have been a fan of One Direction for so long and listening to “FOUR” makes me extremely proud of the boys’ progress. I look forward to listening to whatever they have planned next in store. I know that if it is anything close to what they have done with this album, it will not only be enjoyable, but also revolutionary.