Lady Aztecs redeem loss with Coronado win


Lady Aztecs redeem loss with Coronado win
By Anissa Campa
Aztec Gold Online

Tuesday night the Lady Aztecs defeated the Coronado Thunderbirds 62-50 in a tough game after losing to them earlier in the 2014-2015 basketball season. This win now leaves them tied for first place in the district. The Aztecs were led by team captains Adeola Akomalafe who had 27 points and Ciara Fields with 19 points.

Throughout the whole game both teams went back and forth with the score. In the middle of the first period, they were down 5-2 until freshman point guard Rebecca Davila hit a three, bringing the game to a tie. The first quarter ended 12-12, points coming from Akomalafe, Fields and Davila.

When the second period started, Stephanie Cordova was able to get a shot off, giving the Aztecs the two-point lead. At the halfway point of the second period, the Aztecs were down 16-20. That is when shooting guard Eliza Apodaca made a 3, bringing the game closer, 19-20. Coronado then scored once again. Akomalafe was later able to get a rebound and put it back up. With a minute left, Dezerae Johnson was fouled. Her successful free throws ended the half at 23-24.

At the start of the second half, Akomalafe was fouled while shooting. Making her shot and free throw, the Aztecs took the lead 26-24. At 6:45 minutes left in the period, the Thunderbirds were able to score, bringing the game to a tie once again. As the game progressed, Fields was able to score a three-pointer giving the Aztecs the lead. They continued to go back and forth throughout the period ending it 41-39 with the Aztecs up.

The Thunderbirds were quickly able to bring the game to a tie at the start of the last period. Akomalafe had another and one at the start of the period, giving them the lead once again. As the Aztecs continued to score, the Thunderbirds started slowly shutting down. As Coronado was down 53-50 with a minute left of the game, they were forced to foul allowing Davila, Cordova and Akomalafe to make free throws, leaving the final score at 62-50.

Coming into the game, shooting guard Erika Santiago explained her mentality.

“We just needed to play defense, execute better, rebound and just take one play at a time and that’s what we did,” she said.

Davila described her feelings about filling in for point guard Latrice Washington.

“I was nervous, but it was an extra boost to show if I could play with the big girls and if I could challenge them. I just did what I had to do,” she said.

Tomorrow, the Lady Aztecs travel to Eastwood High in hopes of defeating the Troopers for the second time this season.