El Paso City Bowling Champions!


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This Saturday our El Dorado Bowling teams (4 teams) competed in the first ever City Wide High School Bowling Tournament. There were 21 high schools represented. We took 4 teams to compete and one of our teams came out the victors! They bought home first place: Team: Vivian Gomez, Samantha Pyatt, Alejandro Dominguez and Rolando Posada. We had the top female bowler: Samantha Pyatt and the top male bowler: Alejandro Dominguez. All tournament winners: Vivian Gomez and Rolando Posada.
We were only 2 pins away from also taking the number 4 spot. Coming in at number 5 the team of: Sabrina Mannix, Kevin Felix, Juan Cruz and Jiaxi Chen
Our other two awesome teams were: Antonia Taylor, Jewel Canas, Adrian Perez and Joshua Oliva.
Taylor Mallouf, Bryan Muela, Taylor Orr and Russel Binder

Please congratulate them if you see them.