Pro Bowl Game First Hand Experience


Divisions fade for NFL fans at Pro Bowl

By Lorenzino Estrada



With the Super Bowl two weeks away from the last playoff game, excited fans turned to the NFL Pro Bowl to entertain themselves before the last game of the

2016-2017 NFL season. I was lucky enough to get the chance to fly out to Orlando and watch the game myself.



With the Pro Bowl being one of the sports events I had on my bucket list, it was very humbling to arrive at Camping World Stadium and see the magnitude of

the event. The Fan Zone Plaza was packed with events like live music, tailgate parties, an NFL shop, and photo-ops with cheerleaders and the Pro Bowl




After taking pictures and walking around the entire Fan Zone, we decided to enter the stadium. Despite getting to the gates two and a half hours before the

game, lines for merchandise and food were massive. Waiting around 45 minutes for merchandise wasn’t my plan, but my determination to get on location

gear prevailed. As the time on the pregame clock wound down, we found our seats and were ready for this league’s version of an all-star game.



Fans got loud as the teams took the field; the game began and cheers and boos rang out as certain players made a play similar to ones that cost their team

weeks ago. Fun facts and highlight videos flashed on the screen during TV timeouts. The experience was on a whole different level.



But one thing was evident throughout; fans did what wouldn’t be allowed if it were a regular season or playoff game. We talked, laughed and enjoyed our

time with fans from other teams. Different team jerseys, different favorite players, different locations and grudges were all put to the side. Divisions faded

away. That night was a night to show our love for professional football, and to show love for all the players there. After all, that’s what the NFL is all about.



The NFL Pro Bowl is definitely a must for sports enthusiasts, if only to see the different fandoms and stars from all around the league. I certainly enjoyed my

time there, but the hope is the next time I go to the NFL Pro Bowl, I’ll be in the broadcast booth, instead of the stands.