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Disneyland Choir Trip


Annual choir trip combines business, pleasure

By Mia Drake




Some people go on vacation for a quick getaway; others go because it’s a business requirement. For El Dorado’s mixed choir, they get the chance to do both. Choir’s annual California trip was the push students needed to finish their week strong and travel for competition.



“It’s my second year going,” senior Oriyuki Uvina said. “I’m so excited because I get to do what I love, and enjoy my time away from school.”



This trip isn’t all about the fun of visiting Disneyland; it’s also their chance to perform for the whole campus of Fullerton College as part of a competition. The students that get to join the trip are, junior varsity choir and varsity choir (about 30 people).



“I’m feeling pretty excited,” senior Maya Hernandez said. “It’s my senior year, and it’s near graduation – so going on this trip will feel like a break before reality hits.”



Choir Director Sally Davis explained the trip isn’t just a little vacation – students had to meet the requirements in order to board the bus. Requirements included eligibility in all classes, no LOC, participation in fundraising, paying for half of the trip and knowing all the songs for competition (attending practice).

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