El Dorado Aztecs fly by Andress Eagles

El Dorado Aztecs fly by Andress Eagles

By Angel Pedroza, Sports Editor


With the start of the season, our lady Aztecs defended their home against Andress High School on Tuesday, hungry for a season-opening victory.


Their hopes became a reality by not only dominating the first set 25-12, but topping it with the second set 25-10. They did not stop there as they won three straight sets, finishing off the third with a 25-16 score to start the season off 1-0.


“We expect a really good season, so fingers crossed we stay injury free and peak at the right time,” said head coach Roel De Anda, when asked how he sees the team this season. “It’s a work in progress, but our goal is to get better each week and be ready to make a run at the end of the season.”


Coach De Anda wants to display new things, so they can “roll on all cylinders” in the coming games.


The team senior setter, Vryanna Ballesteros took the first serve to start the season opener.


“Since it was the first game of the season, I wanted to start off with a great game,” Ballesteros said. “This is my senior year and it means the most to me. I knew I needed to get my serves over to start my first senior game the right way.”


Ballesteros showed some solid work out there. Being able to compete at the varsity level seems difficult, but Ballesteros plays with concentration and such ease with the support of her team.


Next up, the lady Aztecs will attend Horizon High School on Tuesday, Aug.15, looking to continue a strong start to the season.