College Cautions

El Dorado Graduates Share Advice

By April Diaz


College can be a scary, yet adventurous place. Although it can be laborious and exhausting, it’s also a time to make amazing memories. Once students enter college they quickly learn to adapt in order to succeed in this new environment. This year marks 15 graduation classes from El Dorado High School who have had to adapt to the rigorous life of a college student. Here are just some pieces of advice that recent graduates have to share.


College comes first

“When you enter college, make sure you pick classes you need instead of just picking them because your friends are in it.” Allison Alvarado, UTEP Business, Class of 2017


Me, myself and I

“College is different from high school. In college, teachers don’t care if you go to class or if you turn in your assignments. You’re on your own.” Pepe Avila, EPCC Criminal Justice, Class of 2017


Plan your every move

“Study way more than you did in high school and always have a plan, be prepared.” Kevin Estrada, UTEP Mechanical Engineering, Class of 2017





“Have fun, but stay involved and give yourself adequate study time. Meet new people and study with them. Remember to use a calendar to keep track of important dates and events.” Eric Gardea, Texas Tech Mechanical Engineering, Class of 2017


Procrastination = Wasted money

“Stay focused on your goals but have fun because it gets stressful. Don’t procrastinate! It will catch up and it’s not only going to affect you academically, but financially as well.” Eilene Melendez, UTEP Marketing, Class of 2017  


Follow your dreams

“College isn’t hard if you study and show up to class. Just stick with it and go after your dreams.” Jessica Vasquez, UTEP Psychology, Class of 2015


No Joke

“Take everything seriously. Try not to miss class and don’t procrastinate.” Ashely Flores, EPCC Accounting, Class of 2017