How To Survive Highschool


How to Survive High School: Join DECA

By Kiana Cruz


High school is one of the best times in your education, but it can also be a hard four years of change and transition. There are some things you can do to make it a memorable and positive experience, and one is to join clubs. Many clubs at El Dorado, like DECA, actually help prepare students for specific careers that they want to pursue. Some students don’t really know what they want to do after high school yet, and joining a club can also help you figure that out.


Joining clubs can also help you stay busy, yet have fun. If you’re interested in school activities and organizing events, I recommend joining Student Council. Or if you are interested in business and marketing, DECA would be the perfect club for you.


“This is my first year in DECA and I absolutely love It, from competing to making new friends, it’s been a great experience so far,” said sophomore DECA member Fernanda Vela.


DECA prepares future entrepreneurs by teaching marketing, finance and management skills in high school. This organization helps students gain knowledge for the careers of their interest and their education, but also helps those in need in the El Paso region.


“We do a lot of community service and will be working with the feeder pattern schools during the holiday season to create and distribute Thanksgiving food baskets. Another event we are looking forward to is a charity walk to support breast cancer awareness and a team-building visit to the corn maze,” said DECA Sponsor Marcia Sonora. “Around Christmas time, we will also be focusing on a toy drive, along with our regional competition in January.”


Joining clubs also looks very good on your college applications since they’re always looking for people who are involved and always staying busy, not just taking the easy route. Also, you earn honor cords for your accomplishments in your club when you graduate. Joining a club can helps you learn how to work with a team. And you’ll gain leadership skills that will be invaluable in all areas of life.


To find out more about various clubs available at El Dorado, visit Student Activities Director Theresa Maya in Make sure you make the best out of it and enjoy your high school years because there’s no turning back.