Be Glam and Gory

Be Glam and Gory

By Nayeli Andrade


It’s the time of year for spooks, pumpkin carving and trick or treating. If you can’t decide whether to be glam or gory, why not be both?

“Finishing my makeup and making it look good, whether it’s glam for a night out or creepy for spooks, I feel so accomplished,” senior Brenda Andrade said.

Begin by grabbing your favorite warm-toned eye shadow palette, brushes and eyelid primer. Prime your eyelids using a primer or concealer. Set a base for your eye shadows to sit on and blend. Start with a light transition shade blended into the crease. Lightly add a burnt orange into the crease, blend it a little above as you did with the transition shade. Add a warm brown into the crease and blend it out, keeping it in the crease. Carefully add a slightly darker, neutral brown on the lid and make sure all colors blend seamlessly into each other.

You can choose if you want to apply a liquid liner, it all depends on what you like or what you think looks good on you. Blend out burnt orange and warm toned brown under your lower lash line. Lastly, apply a coat of mascara and that’s all for your glam half.

Now it’s time for patience and creativity. You are trying to achieve the look of a stitched up mouth. Make sure you have tissue, liquid latex, your shade of foundation, fake blood or scab, small scissors, textured sponge, string of your choice, and cream paints (red and black) as well as a brown pencil liner.

Begin by outlining around your mouth where your prosthetic will be. Apply one layer of liquid latex around the outline, take apart the piles of tissue and place strips of tissue on the latex. Continue the same step until you have filled in the space and after it has dried apply foundation to match your skin.

Cut open the hole for your mouth and rip off the edges so it gives a more brutal appearance, also lift up a little of the prosthetic. Apply the red cream paint into the wound and the black into the edges inside for the wound to appear deeper. Apply the scab into the wound and keep applying until you are satisfied. Now is the time you apply the fake blood, grab the textured sponge and put fake blood on it and apply it to your face, apply until you are satisfied. Cut little holes into the prosthetic where you want the string to go through the whole going up and down through each one.

Now you’re ready for a night out full of spooks and fun!