Aztec Artwork to be published in “Go Si El Paso”


Aztec artwork to be published in new children’s book “Go Si El Paso”

By Ariana Arredondo

Aztec Gold Editor-In-Chief

In early January, junior Kimberly Flores Anderson was cleaning out the It’s Your World portable when art teacher Candice Printz announced that Anderson`s artwork was chosen to be published in a children’s book as part of a city-wide competition.


“It took me a little bit to catch on, but I really wasn’t expecting it at all,” Anderson said.


The book titled “Go Si El Paso”  focuses on a group of kids who are traveling around different locations in El Paso such as Wet-N-Wild and Transmountain. The storyline follows them all around the city, which means the authors, Ryan and Gregg Jackson, needed a lot of illustrations and ultimately wanted El Paso artists featured in the book.


The authors decided to host a contest, which was open to high school artists. The prize includes  not only being published in a children’s book, but gaining the opportunity to work with leather boot manufacturer, Rocketbuster boots, seeing their art on an El Paso postcard, or being awarded a scholarship.


“It is very rare and difficult for someone her age to become a published children’s book illustrator,” Printz said.


Competing with artists from 10 total school districts, Anderson’s piece was picked as 1 of 27 to be featured in the book. Anderson’s piece of Viva El Paso was done using collage and watercolor which created a challenge for the young artist, but not one she was afraid of tackling.


“I really had nothing to lose,” Anderson said.


The next step for Anderson is to see if she will be awarded a “Best of Show” distinction on April 7 at the El Paso Museum of Art. If she is one of the three finalists, she will be awarded up to $1,500 in scholarship money and the accompanying art teacher will be awarded a matching classroom grant.