Rodolfo Troncoso named El Dorado TOY


Rodolfo Troncoso named El Dorado TOY

Interview by Briony Alvarez

Photo by Jonathan Quezada

Q: What do you teach? How long have you been working in the teaching industry?
A: I work with students that did not learn English as their first language. I’ve been working in the teaching industry for about 18 years. My first two years were at a parochial school, then 16 years in the Socorro District. First at Socorro High School for 7 years and now at El Dorado.

Q: How long have you been working at El Dorado?
A: This year will be my tenth year working at the Empire.

Q: What is one highlight about teaching?
A: When my student gives me insight about how I impact their education greatly or how much I mean to them. It is a very wonderful feeling.

Q: What advice would you offer new teachers coming into the profession?
A: To always be flexible when it comes to learning new things about students and try your best to understand them. It is important to be very open.

Q: What inspires you to keep teaching?
A: The thing that keeps me going is the kids, I love being a part of their lives. I always try to strive to make my students believe that they are capable of so much more than what they believe they can be.

Q: What are some hardships you have experienced since you began teaching?
A: Some hard times in teaching involve accountability because I deal with the fragile population of students. The pressures are more difficult especially on the academic side.

Q: What was your first reaction when you were nominated?
A: Truly, I hoped I didn’t win because I am a very shy, humble person and I don’t really enjoy being in the spotlight. When I found out that I was nominated, that was enough for me and I was very honored and thankful.

Q: As the El Dorado 2018 Teacher of the Year, what are you looking forward to?
A: I am looking forward to using this as a tool to make my students better, to inspire them to aim for the stars.