Students bid farewell to TAFE’s Acosta


By Ariana Contreras and Mia Drake

Photo credit to : Jessica Pedroza

With tears in her eyes, child development teacher Georgina Acosta felt bittersweet emotions well up inside her throat as she looked at her students with fondness Tuesday afternoon. Acosta, who also co-sponsors TAFE on campus, was completely surprised by her students’ surprise goodbye party that threw in her honor.


“She was the best teacher ever,” said junior TAFE member Naomi Silva. “She would constantly say, ‘If you guys have any problems you can always come to me.’”


Before Acosta’s grand entrance to the goodbye party, her students had nothing but good things to say about her.


“I love her,” exclaimed junior Alejandra Larios.


Acosta is leaving her position at El Dorado High School to teach to at-risk teen parents in Dallas, Texas. After five years of teaching here, it was evident that Acosta made strong bonds with her students.


“I never cry and look at what you guys did to me,” Acosta said, as she saw the decorations for her surprise party.


The class began to chant asking her for a speech.


“I don’t even know what to say, I’m just so surprised and I thank you guys with all my heart,” Acosta said endearingly. “I hope that you all do well. Mrs. Sianez is here to guide you guys. We’re trying to get another really good teacher here.”


A student soon interrupted claiming, “that’s not possible.” The class burst into giggle at the idea that anyone could replace Acosta.


All of her students were pretty upset she was leaving, but wish her the best.


“She is an amazing teacher, I’m so heartbroken that she’s leaving,” said junior Juan Minjarez.


TAFE is a teacher preparation course and students may speak to Donna Sianez if interested in joining.


“We learn how to start lesson plans and we present them to the class,” said junior Naomi Silva. “In November, we’re going to go actually help teachers in their classroom.”