Spice Is Not Nice


Ruth Rivas, founder of Spice Is Not Nice

By Celeste Borunda


CB: What is Spice?

RR: Spice is a synthetic cannabinoid or in other words marijuana. This drug is a man-made drug with many chemicals and is very dangerous for the body.


CB: What is the purpose the organization?

RR: Drug prevention and raising awareness about risk and consequence of synthetic drugs.


 CB: How is your organization funded?

RR: There are no funds for Spice Is Not Nice


CB: Do you have any members in your organization?

RR: We don’t have members but we have a board. We need a lot of Volunteers for the 5K Run that we are hosting.


CB: Why was this organization created?

RR: On June 20, 2012 I lost my son, the coroner told me it was synthetic drug. I had never heard of this drug before. That is when I realize that I need to reach out to understand how dangerous this drug is.


CB: What would be your message to the students?

RR: What is your reason to use drugs?

Is that drug worth your life?


CB: Is there anything else you would like to add?

RR: We don’t have funding, but having the 5K run will fund this organization, cost of presentations, and pamphlets.

For any more information go to: www.spiceisnotnice.org